Story Board


#1_ Shows NFL stadium, Camera will move slowly.  ( 2~3 sec )


#2_ In this scene, pictures will show some lines and number on NFL fields. This scene will be short and fast with a flash. This is inspired from reference video, EA sports/ You. ( less than 1 sec )


#3_Camera will focus on a ball slowly for seconds. This has totally different rhythm with #2.


#4_This shows many images for a second with a flash, but the images and rhythm will be different with #2.


#5_Slow motion of player from NFL.


#6_To make a connection with a logo, ESPN, images will change faster than before.


Consequently, I’ll show NFL elements such as players, audience, stadium, ball, and marks on field.  And I’m going to use distance marks on NFL field such as 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10. In the scene #2, #4, and #6, I’ll count these numbers from 50 to 10. And In the scene #6, the 10 will be counted before the logo, ESPN. This can be represented as goal or touch down.  


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