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Posted in Butterfly on December 8, 2008 by jbahk

Thank you for your comments.

I redesign main butterfly and add camera moving,

but I’m not sure  whether butterfly should be multiple color or not.



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redesign logo scene


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‘Goomy makes your feel fresh and clean.’
This is a basic idea that I consider.
There are three characters, frog, monkey and whale in package of goomy.
I’ll use these three characters with three commercials like a reference.

Here is rough story for this commercial.
At the beginning of story, Frog or whale or monkey eat something dirty and smelly like fly or fish or rotten apple.
After eating, they want to refresh their mouth, so they look for gum, Goomy to refresh.
I think that designing characters and their face is a main issue to make this story clear.

Here is a reference for commercial Goomy.

I’m not sure about animating characters on video footage,
but  this is really interesting.


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Posted in Butterfly on December 6, 2008 by jbahk

I’m working on event project from broadcast design class. I choose the butterfly conservatory as a event.

The most interesting point in this show is diversity and reality. so I tried to make this points clear.



Posted in GIGGLE on December 2, 2008 by jbahk

As a  next project, I would like to create commercial movie.

For the project I’d like to use product that I designed.

The name of product is ‘Goomy’.

Goomy is designed as brand of gum.

I designed three giggling animal characters for the package design.

In the movie I will use these characters.

and Using gum as characters’ teeth is interesting idea from this product.

so I’ll show this feature in the commercial movie.